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We never cut a corner

At Vic's Corn Popper, we believe that when it comes to creating the best-tasting gourmet popcorn, you simply can't cut corners. The same holds true with our customer service.

From our products, to our packaging to our delivery, you can count on Vic's. Should any aspect of your experience with Vic's Corn Popper not meet your expectations, please let us know and we will make it right.

The Vic's Corn Popper main production/shipping facility is a nut-free environment. Any flavors containing peanuts or cashews are produced and packaged at a separate facility.

Still have questions about our products? Take a look at the following FAQs. If you don't find your answer, be sure to Contact us.


Where can I buy Vic's gourmet popcorn?

Well, you've certainly come to the right place! Here at, you can shop any time day or night. Check out our huge selection of Popcorn Tins & Canisters, Vic's Popcorn Gift Boxes, Vic's Popcorn Care Package, or The HUGE Popcorn "Bin Buster". We also welcome you to stop in one of our stores in Omaha – at Oakview Mall, Harvey Oaks, Bel Air Plaza or downtown at 16th and Douglas.

How is my popcorn shipped?

We ship anywhere FedEx delivers. Your order will arrive four to seven business days after being placed. Additional charges apply for delivery to Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, and Mexico, as well as rural route addresses. For our overseas service personnel, we will ship through the United States Postal Service. In a hurry? Call us toll-free at 1-877-330-VICS (8427) for rush delivery.

Are there additional canister designs available?

If you don't see the canister design you're looking for on our website, give us a call! Our toll-free number is 1-877-330-VICS (8427). Chances are we have it in our store or can get it for you.

Can I personalize my canister?

Personalized canisters are available! Call us toll-free at 1-877-330-VICS (8427) and we'll help you create a canister with the perfect message.

How many flavors may I choose?

If you are ordering canisters, you may choose one, two, or three flavors. If you are ordering a Vic's Care Package or Gift Box, you may specify the flavors of each of the poly bags included.

Do you offer gift cards or gift certificates?

At this time, Vic's Corn Popper gift cards may be purchased and redeemed only at our retail store locations.

Can I order popcorn without the canister?

Certainly! Vic's flavors are available in reclosable poly bags. Simply call us toll-free at 1-877-330-VICS (8427).

Are discounts available for corporate or volume orders?

Sure! We offer special discounts for large volume orders. Just call us toll-free at 1-877-330-VICS (8427) to place your order and discuss pricing.

If I ship items as gifts, will the paperwork show the cost?

No, only a description of the contents of the package and the sender is included in the paperwork. You will receive a separate receipt for the items you purchased.

Do you have nutritional information on your popcorn?

Yes we do for our Gourmet White, LITE, Original Cheddar and Gourmet Caramel.

Gourmet White


Gourmet White - LITE

Serving Size: 1 cup   Serving Size: 1 cup
Calories: 60   Calories: 40
Protein: 1   Protein: 1
Carbohydrates: 6   Carbohydrates: 6
Fat: 4   Fat: 2
Sodium (mg): 85   Sodium (mg): 45
Cholesterol (mg): 0   Cholesterol (mg): 0

Original Cheddar


Gourmet Caramel

Serving Size: 2/3 cup   Serving Size: 1 cup
Calories: 110   Calories: 110
Protein: 1   Protein: 1
Carbohydrates: 20   Carbohydrates: 20
Fat: 3   Fat: 3
Sodium (mg): 105   Sodium (mg): 105
Cholesterol (mg): 0   Cholesterol (mg): 0

Where do you come up with your flavors?

We're people who know what we like! So when something sounds good, we're happy to try it. We start with the highest-quality ingredients and work on our flavors until our high expectations are met. We've come up with our own as well as taken suggestions from customers. Once we start developing a new flavor, we head to the kitchen and begin our process of trial, taste and error until it's perfect enough to share.

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